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I am delighted to have this opportunity to offer up a state of the chamber overview.  The last 30 months of the Covid challenge are behind us.  So, with that in mind, let me outline all the new and exciting energies we are introducing to our members and the business community.  Perseverance is the mantra we have all had to live by during these challenging times.  So out of the ashes rises the phoenix.

We are so thankful for your continued support of YOUR Chamber, for without you we could have been a fond memory.

Onward and upward.  We have introduced a new concept called GC Connect.  We have had 2 events both hosted by Adelphi.  They proved to be well attended and productive beyond our wildest expectation.  Business owners, Professionals Academicsall sharing our knowledge, business acumen, and shared optimism about the future.

We had our Easter Car Parade with perfect weather and all who attended were delighted.  We are so thrilled to be hosting theBelmont Festival, as well as the Summer Promenades, with attendees from Montauk to Manhattan, Island Park to Manhasset.  Music, Entertainment and Giveaways, each week a new Theme.  This well-known island-wide event is a must to attend. Our Instagram, Facebook, Website, print ads, ribbon cutting, new member welcoming assistance and the continued support of existing members are the bylaws to all our success. On behalf of the Board of Directors I am so proud to be filling the role of President.  We truly are codependent on each other for the unknow challenges ahead but look at what we have overcome. The destiny of our good fortune is that we truly are teammates, in the never-ending challenge of going and growing.


Since 1926, the Garden City Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to the cooperative efforts of the business and residential community toward the reservation of quality, character and vitality of business in the Incorporated Village of Garden City.

A non-profit, proactive organization, the Chamber welcomes all Garden City business members…members of the professions…residents…community organizations and institutions to join in the support of its efforts through membership and active participation.  The Chamber welcomes input and is responsive to member concerns.

The Chamber views the central business area as the “Face of the Village”… and works actively on behalf of all member business…while remaining responsive to the needs of the total community.

As an organization, the Chamber acts as the representative voice of the business community, thus effecting desirable improvements of mutual goals which contribute to the health and vitality of the Incorporated Village of Garden City.  The Chamber welcomes Associate Members, regional businesses and professionals beyond the Incorporated Village of Garden City.  

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